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So I have finished my animation for my client, and here is the Storyboard. My client has seen my storyboard and is pleased with it which is why I went ahead with the animation.

Despite saying I did well with the animation my client has said she won’t be using it as it doesn’t fit with “branding image”.

I put this animation together using the traced pictures I’d done. It doesn’t run as smoothly as it could because I scanned them in and manually lined them up in Photoshop. That aside I’m pleased with the way it turned out apart from the obvious flaws and I think it looks good to see the people dancing in motion : )

Something I did for Miku’s birthday which was the 31st August~

I used my Vocaloid nendoroid figures, the voices are from the Vocaloid software itself.

I’ve not really done stop motion before and I know it could improve a lot  but it was fun to do : )

An animation I did for fun : )

I decided to animate a nursery rhyme~

The whole process took 3 days to make, day 1 was creating the character and storyboard, days 2 and 3 where making the animation.

I’m really pleased with the result and it was a fun side project to do, I may even remake this in the near future.

So it’s been a very long time since I updated my Tumblr…I’ll work on getting more stuff on here.

In the meantime I have redone my Unit 5 project and I took it in a completely different direction than the previous one, hope it’s good enough! : )

I forgot to take pictures of my sketchbook to show my progress because I didn’t think of doing that but when I get it back I will~

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